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Heart Explosion

My nephew, Nate, just turned 5! If you’ve been around since we first met, you know he stole my heart from the beginning.

It started with this guy.

It started with this guy.

I spent several months living with Nate and his parents (my brother and sister-in-law) in Austin, shortly after he came home to us from Ethiopia. It was such a special time for me in so many ways. Not least of all, because I got to spend so much time with Nater. I remember thinking, “If I loved him any more, my heart would explode.” I think it was my first small glimpse of what it must feel like to be a parent.

my favorite houseguest!

my favorite houseguest!

then came baby Taylor!

then came baby Taylor!

Of course, since then, someone else has stolen my heart.


big day. big guy.

And we have a baby girl who’s on her way to us even now.



Nate, his sister, Taylor, and his parents are all coming home from Africa for a visit pretty soon, and will be here to meet our baby girl. It’s going to be magical. And my heart will probably explode.

face shot!

face shot!



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Best News Ever!

BREAKING NEWS: Our partners at Bethany Christian Services are on their way to meet with a birthmom who’s 22 weeks along and had been planning on getting an abortion in NYC today. Instead, she saw the Heroic Media ad on TV and called to make an adoption plan. Praise God!

I was adopted at birth (my story is here) and got to spend my 30th birthday at the shoot for this fabulous, research-based television commercial offering women the hope of adoption. Now, God is using this commercial to connect women with adoption resources nationwide!

Friends, this happens daily! We are able to connect women with resources for material and financial aid, parenting courses, prenatal care, adoption resources, medical care and more through the power of media. We are sharing the hope of life with women who may feel hopeless in the face of an unexpected pregnancy. Pray with us and consider supporting these efforts at www.heroicmedia.org/donate


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Adoption Gave Me Life

Here’s a little story about how adoption has given me life – both physical and spiritual. I’m thankful for the gift of adoption and the opportunity to promote adoption and other alternatives to abortion through my work at Heroic Media.


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Day 1 – Perfect Timing

I can’t stop sharing this great news. See below an exciting update on our first-ever National Adoption Month campaign at Heroic Media. This is just the beginning of our national tv campaign on Oxygen. Please continue to pray with us for the women who will be reached by this message!

Praise God!

From http://www.heroicmedia.org/blog:

Perfect Timing – Adoption Campaign Update


Yesterday was the first day of our National Adoption Month television campaign; but for one woman and her child, it was the only day that mattered.

We are thrilled to be partnering with Bethany Christian Services to air “The Adoption Option” nationwide during National Adoption Month. The new ad premiered just yesterday on the Oxygen television network and we’ve already heard about at least 30 phone contacts to Bethany in response to this inspiring message!

Here’s an example of just one of the women who was helped by this commercial, let’s call her “Claire”:

Claire is pregnant and due to deliver a baby tomorrow. She had been planning on delivering her baby and leaving him/her at the hospital after learning that this was an acceptable procedure in Florida. She saw a Heroic Media ad on Oxygen and decided to call for help. Now she is in touch with the nearby office of Bethany Christian Services where she can connect with a counselor and learn more about placing her baby with a loving family through adoption.

 P.S. – We also just heard about an additional 13 live web chats that came about in response to this great message!

You can be a part of this campaign – donate today at www.heroicmedia.org/donate/adoption


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The Proof is in the Plates

Hello! So I’ve been meaning to do this for some time now and as I’m inviting all of my friends to celebrate National Adoption Month, I figured I would make the first move by ordering my Choose Life License Plates.

You can get one too! – Order Your Choose Life License Plates Today!

Texas Choose Life specialty license plates are only $30 per year, of which $22 goes to promoting adoption as a compassionate alternative to abortion. (The remaining $8 covers state and local administrative costs.) After you order your Choose Life plates, you will pick them up at your County Tax Office in 2-3 weeks. For an additional $40 fee, you can personalize your plates with up to five characters. You can purchase Choose Life plates as gifts.

I placed my order online, but you can also purchase in person or by mail.


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Extra! Extra! Adoption Month is Here!

It’s November – National Adoption Month!

Here’s what we’ve been working on at Heroic Media to promote adoption:

I’ll share more about where this ad will be airing soon 🙂

P.S. – Wondering why I care so much about adoption? Read my personal adoption story here.


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T minus 2 weeks to National Adoption Month

November is National Adoption Month – are you ready to celebrate???

A few things I plan to do:

  1.  Share and watch pro-adoption resources like this adoption story I love: MCPC Life is Sweet Testimony, the BraveLove video, and a personal favorite, Nate’s Story.
  2. Pray specifically that more people would know the hope that adoption can bring in the face of an unplanned pregnancy.
  3. Donate to an adoption agency or other adoption group

    Gladney Center For Adoption

    6300 John Ryan Drive Fort Worth, TX 76132 United States

    Buckner Children & Family Services

    5200 S. Buckner Blvd. Dallas, TX 75227 United States

    Lifeline Children’s Services

    2104 Rocky Ridge Road Birmingham, AL 35216 United States

    Bethany Christian Services

    910 Eastern Avenue NE Grand Rapids, MI 49501 United States
  4. Lots more – stay tuned!
  • What will you do?
  • Why do you care about adoption?

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