It happened.

My heart exploded. I knew it was coming. The cause: an overload of sweetness!

We welcomed our sweet baby girl into our family on earlier this week. She is as enchanting as she looks here.


We brought her home yesterday and she held my hand in the car.


Today she hung out with her cousin and he was a champ at holding her. It just keeps getting sweeter and sweeter.

Praise God from whom all blessings flow!



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13 responses to “It happened.

  1. John Vernon

    My sincerest congratulations and Thanks to God for all his blessings!

  2. I stumbled upon your story and was captivated. When I heard you say “You look just like a Gabrysch,” I wondered….when I saw the pictures of your mom, I knew…Kay Gabrysch was my HS Brigade instructor! Congratulations on your beautiful family. God is so good!!

    • Wow – what a small world, Claudia! I recently drove right by that school with my parents on the way to Galveston and they were reminiscing about their days there. Thanks for your comment!

  3. Congrats to you on your super sweet one-month and one-day old daughter! Loved this article:

  4. What a beautiful baby! Congratulations! I too read your article at I am an adoptive mom of an adult son. When I wrote a really life-affirming, pro-adoption post on my blog earlier this year, I got slammed with hateful comments from adult adoptees. Was shocked! One even made my post fodder for her own blog. Have you run into this? Couldn’t believe how mean these people were to a stranger (me!) Would love to follow up on this with you at some point. Know you are very busy now 🙂 God bless your beautiful family.

    • I have heard from people who did not share such a positive experience of adoption – I regret that others have been hurt and I understand it’s not always the answer, but I hope to share that adoption can be a powerful and positive, life-giving way to build families.
      Thanks for your comment and your voice!

  5. Laura Lee Groves

    Marissa, congrats on your sweet little girl! I’m here because I saw your adoption story video on What a wonderful thing — a life defined by hope! Our family awaits a child from India, so adoption is close to our heart. In fact, my new novel, Pearl, is a story of international adoption, a story of our gospel hope. So great to “meet” you!

  6. Marissa, I too saw your video on LifeNews. I am an adult adoptee (much older than you, lol!) and an adoptive mom of 2 from Taiwan, and stepmom to 2. I too have met adult adoptees who are still “scarred” from their experience of adoption. It breaks my heart for them! One woman, in her 60’s found out I was adopted at birth, as she was, and said, “Don’t you feel like there is this hole in you that nothing can fill?” Um, no, I said. Rather bluntly. But didn’t I feel rejected?
    And this is the heart of the matter – I never felt like my birthparents “rejected” me bc I did not exist for them as a person in that way. They rejected the idea of having a baby when they were young, poor and lacked the resources to deal with a baby. But in fact, they LOVED me, as you so beautifully point out in your story, as adoption is about love on so many levels.
    They loved enough to let go. My parents loved in spite of how I came to their family. And now, I have two (7 & 9) who did not come out of my body, but I love them more than life (not to mention my stepkids that I would do anything for).
    Just as God loves us.
    Your perspective just took my breath away and gave me the words and insight to deal with those who don’t understand adoption – yet!
    Bless you and your new family!

    • I have heard similar questions! It’s always an opportunity to share with others and it’s interesting how surprised they often are. Hopefully our culture will begin to better understand and celebrate the hopeful aspects of adoption.
      I’m so glad to hear a bit about you and your family, thanks for commenting.

  7. Norma A

    So glad I ran into your beautiful story! I love adoption … my two granddaughters are ours through the miracle of adoption! We admire their birth mother’s for choosing life for them and adoption!

    I believe that God created them … from conception … for our family! I believe that through the blood of Jesus Christ … through Adam … we are even blood related! Not that it matters if we are blood related or not, really.

    God has been SO very good to our family by giving us THESE TWO GIRLS! Our daughter struggled through infertility but now says she is so grateful she never got pregnant because if she had, we would not have had our precious girls!

    The four year old was overheard having this conversation (Copied from my daughter’s blog):

    As I (my daughter) was siting there I heard Little Bug (granddaughter’s blog name) start telling my mom’s classmate, “Mommy prayed for me to be in her tummy, but God didn’t.”

    I immediately put my full attention on her to see where this was going to go.

    Never before had I heard Little Bug use those words to tell her story. They were basically the exact same words I have been using for a couple years now to tell her her story!

    The classmate said, “Well, you were in somebody’s tummy, weren’t you?!”

    And Little Bug enthusiastically replied, “I used to be in Ms. Tracy’s tummy” and then, with a big smile she turned to me where I was siting on the couch and said, “but this is my mommy!”

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