I Cringe…

  • every time the Licensed Social Worker at Planned Parenthood in the following video (end of post) refers to “the sex of the pregnancy“. What?! Nonsensical euphemism, anyone?
  • when she makes the ever-so-subtle caveat about late term abortion that it is “not that it’s unsafe or that there’s a lot more risk involved, it’s just that there’s more steps involved – it’s a little more complicated the further along you are in your pregnancy.”
  • when the same Licensed Social Worker suggests that it’s totally acceptable to end the life of a baby like this at 24 weeks:

from babycenter.com


Watch the chilling video from LiveAction here:



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2 responses to “I Cringe…

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  2. allie losper

    In the video, the lady from Planned parenthood did stipulate that it is the woman’s choice to have an abortion and it not their role to question the client’s motives. I don’t think that they are specifically aborting baby girls. In this so called client’s case it is not right for a woman to be able to abort just because she is not happy about the sex of the baby. I would suggest that the US government intervene by creating laws and strict criteria to perform abortions legally that the medical profession should respect. Pregnant adolescents, too young to raise a child, rape victims, etc should be given the choice to have an abortion given that it is within 20 weeks. How many abandoned babies are there in the US? Not all babies are as lucky as you to be adopted in good secure families. There is also those adopted children that are not loved by their adoptive parents and even sexually abused.
    I think Planned Parenthood is better than having back-street abortions that could put these womens’ lives at risk. Womens choices matter and they should be free to decide for their bodies too.

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