Woo Hoo! (5 obscure, good things about today)

Sometimes it’s the littlest things that can make a day. Here’s a list of what’s got me going at the moment:

  • It’s the Lord’s Day – official soundtrack:  O Day of Rest and Gladness
  • I just ordered an updated, personalized self-inking stamp with my return address on it for all my adorable correspondence. I even did some online digging and got it on sale! (I also changed my name to Susan Dillon and moved to Dallas, btw. Not really.)

I got it here: http://www.thepaperclique.com/gillian.html — You should get one too and become my pen pal!

Now soliciting pen pals

  • Today, the barista in the Starbucks drive-through handed me my dirty chai and said “Here you go, honey” – in the most endearing (strictly platonic and friendly) way – it warmed my heart and I may have giggled aloud as I exited the parking lot.

  • My mums are blooming. (Asters, not so much.)
  • Tonight, I am going to babysit my niece and nephew, whose collective cuteness is unsurpassed!



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One response to “Woo Hoo! (5 obscure, good things about today)

  1. molly

    it’s the small things that count 😉 now get your small butt down here and see me! hehe. love you!

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