My brush(es) with greatness

This weekend, I got to meet and sit at dinner with Eugene Peterson. Yes – the one who wrote The Message: Bible in Contemporary language. But more importantly (for me at least) the one who shared the magical illustration of Uncle Sven I referenced a few weeks ago in this post.

Peterson meets several of my top criteria for favorite people:

+ old(er) – the man was born in 1932 and I say it in all deference
+ sweet as can be
+ his wife cracks up laughing at him

Also, I think he loved me back. I pretty much started gushing when I met him and I told him about how much I appreciated his writing and the Sven story in particular, and he said “So you liked Sven, eh?”. We talked about his former church near Baltimore and his current home in Montana, and it was basically magical.

Other celebrity sightings included Marvin and Susan Olasky from World magazine – I also gushed to them about being a World reader and the fact that I have a framed copy of an ad that we took out in the January 2011 Pro-Life issue of World for Heroic Media. They were also very gracious.

Pretty good weekend.



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