2 Truths and a Lie – my adoption story (part 1 of 3)

Have you ever heard of the game 2 truths and a lie? It’s a mixer game you play at camp or on a church retreat where each person shares 3 statements about themselves  – 2 statements are true and 1 is a lie.  The other people in the group try to guess which statement is the lie.

Now I’m a pro at this game because I have a secret weapon.  The key is having one truth that is really outrageous and sounds like a lie.  My truth in 2 truths and a lie is that “my parents were at the circus when I was born”…and since people assume that my parents probably weren’t carnies, they assume that one must be my lie!

My parents really were at the circus when I was born. I’m sure they were having a great time with my older brother , but I was at the hospital…being born.

The explanation:  I was adopted at birth.

Dad and me

Anytime I share this with people, there are 5 0r 6  questions that generally follow:

  • how old were you when you were adopted?
  •  is your brother adopted?  
  • who named you? 
  • do you know your biological parents?
  • do you want to know them? 
  • when did you find out you were adopted?

Do you have other questions?

I’ll answer these and share some more details in my next post 🙂



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8 responses to “2 Truths and a Lie – my adoption story (part 1 of 3)

  1. I might have follow-ups based on your next post. 😀

  2. Catherine

    whoa. were have i been and why didn’t i know this?!?

  3. Love the picture of you and Dad! Great stuff!

  4. Great post, I had no idea you were adopted. That’s really cool.

  5. I knew you were adopted because…because…well, because you told me before. You have such a great story. Thanks for sharing.

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