5 things I keep meaning to blog about

  1. Oprah’s farewell – I am so confused about why she went to Australia to say goodbye? I only know this because my Tivo keeps suggesting I watch Oprah and I keep doing it. I start out annoyed and dismayed at her power over culture, but in the end, I am crying my eyes out listening to Steve Irwin’s kids talk about him.
  2. My recent middle school reunion (it was impromptu, took place at a baby shower, and was simply fantastic – probably because middle school was my social prime).
  3. I never noticed how many commercials make me cry – I keep meaning to take note of which ones so that you can understand what gets me.
  4. I was not one to actually read assigned books in high school (or college), so now that I’ve recently read Jane Eyre and To Kill a Mockingbird as an adult, and then watched the movies, I finally know why people always say the book is better than the movie!
  5. My recent Mexican vacation. It ruled. Exhibit A and B.


living it up in our private rooftop pool


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