Confessions of a Full-fledged “Dog Person”

I have a dear friend who has always had dogs and whenever I go to her house and they want my attention, she tells them “Marissa doesn’t like dogs”.  I recently adopted an adult dog, and I have found myself becoming a true dog person.  He was cute from the start, but we did have to get used to each other when he first came home…and it turns out he is a bit high maintenance, so we have had some “bonding opportunities”.

Lest you question my newfound devotion, following are just a few of the recent photos of Cowboy in his new home.



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2 responses to “Confessions of a Full-fledged “Dog Person”

  1. Jeremy Gabrysch

    I don’t believe it. I just spent the weekend with Chad who reminded me what terrible dog owners our family was. I should send him these photos. Perhaps it would redeem us all. (Although, I’m still not a dog lover, but don’t tell…)

  2. christina

    Seriously Spoiled!!

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