O Day of Rest and Gladness!

If I’m to be honest, historically, I kind of don’t like Sundays. It’s not always fun to have weekends come to a close, especially when they are full of fun visits with family or friends’ wedding weekends or whatever your particular revelry of choice.  But it doesn’t seem right to be lamenting the start of the work week on the Lord’s Day.

But, some time ago I made the acquaintance of this little tune:

O Day of Rest and Gladness [Ian Fitchuk] by Indelible Grace

I think this is a good example of how surrounding yourself with Truth can be transformational.  (I think I mean that it can be a means of sanctification, assuming that’s not a new age heresy I’m now espousing publicly.)

Really, I’m just saying that celebrating the Lord’s Day as the Lord’s Day, instead of mourning the end of the weekend, is a good thing – and I recommend this song for just that.  Here’s a little lyrical taste (I’ve taken the liberty of highlighting my favorite phrases – the ones that feel like “really, how could I sing this and not rejoice?”):

O day of rest and gladness, of day of joy and light,
O balm of care and sadness, most beautiful, most bright:
On Thee, the high and lowly, through ages joined in tune,
Sing holy, holy, holy, to the great God Triune.

Thou art a cooling fountain in life’s dry, dreary sand;
From thee, like Pisgah’s mountain*, we view our promised land.

Today on weary nations the heavenly manna falls;
To holy convocations the silver trumpet calls,
Where Gospel light is glowing with pure and radiant beams,
And living water flowing, with soul refreshing streams.

full lyrics here: http://lyrics.astraweb.com/display/210/hymns..unknown..o_day_of_rest_and_gladness.html

Sometimes I even listen to this song full-blast in the car on other days of the week. Nevermind that the other songs on my “most played” playlist include “Party in the USA” and “Baby“…although I can’t imagine what my duplex-buddy thinks of my varied tastes.

Anyway, I recommend the song and the Sabbath-celebrating, and I hope you’ll find rest and gladness in both.



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2 responses to “O Day of Rest and Gladness!

  1. MattJ

    Great song – thanks for the heads-up. Though I had to google “Pisgah” before adding it to iTunes. I’d call you out on the pop songs, but the “most played” on my playlist is Michael Jackson’s “Will You Be There,” i.e., the Free Willy theme song. Just shameful.

  2. Jeremy

    So true! (you always know about the good hymns…)

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