my life (as of late) in pictures.

So I have had a crazy couple of weeks.  And the crazy is likely to continue throughout my “birthmonth”. I’ll try to give you a visual representation of my life this July, so far, and to come.

Last weekend was one of the fullest I have ever had, with the trip to Corpus Christi and back just in time to go to a wedding back in Austin and topped off with a Sunday with Nate.  I got to spend the whole day with Nate, get him up and dressed, take him to church and drop him off in the nursery…and pridefully pick him up at the nursery so everyone could see that he was MY cute nephew.

MY cute nephew, Nate.

Then…a work week with lots to do, not least of which was plan my patriotic attire which did land me a prize at our BBB Ice Cream Social.

Festive cake, ice cream, and me...Miss America

I spent 4th of July weekend all around central Texas and got to take in fireworks downtown Austin,


From there, (yes, that night) I drove to New Braunfels to spend the night in the coziest home I know with my bestie, Molly.  This proved to be a super special treat because she is getting married on Sunday and I got to take part in some pretty lifelong memory-making type activities while I was there. We made stops throughout Gruene and New Braunfels.

how I love thee

I ate at the Red Rooster in New Braunfels with my “oldest” friend Katy who I’ve known since the second grade!  (tempted to write “boo-yah” here, although I’m not sure who it’s directed at.)

Wonderful Catch-up Breakfast at the Red Rooster with Katy

And now I’m back in Austin, working and getting very excited about a fun wedding weekend coming up.  So tonight, I had to do some housework, unpacking, kind of pre-packing, and..laundry!

my Tuesday night

Tomorrow is full of promise – Pizza with Nate… this will be good.

I’ll keep you posted.


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