They Say it’s Actually a Physical Reaction.

This American Life #182: Cringe. Stories that make us cringe, and an investigation into just what, exactly, makes some stories capable of forcing this physical reaction out of us when other stories don’t. We hear tales of personal humiliation, romance gone wrong, and people who profoundly misjudge how they’re perceived by others.

A few things that make me cringe:

  • Bugs – all bugs.  Near or far, big or small, threatening or powerless.   This is the topic of a solid 32% of my facebook status updates.
  • Moments when I feel like someone – anyone – should or could or might be offended by something someone else said – I think I feel inordinately sensitive to keeping order and peace, and consequently, I feel really uncomfortable when there is a remote possibility that someone around me may not like something that was said.  Truly unnecessary.
  • These guys.
  • Memories of wearing nude pantyhose with jean shorts in 1994.

What about you?  What makes you cringe?


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