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So I think we can all agree that the most intriguing/disturbing/addicting aspect of watching “The Bachelorette”,  is the way we can actually feel the awkwardness… I often find myself flailing my arms around and saying “no! NO! no! no-No!” at whatever absurdity is taking place onscreen.  Maybe it’s empathy?

Anyway, as you may remember, I also like to listen to “This American Life” from Chicago Public Radio (thanks to my friend Brad for the recommendation so many years ago.)

I want to share some stories that have similarly drawn me in to feeling a number of emotions that often seem absurd or out of place but yet so right.  Let me show you what I mean..

1. “This American Life” – topic – Before it had a name:

“There’s the time when you know something is happening, but you’re not sure exactly what. The illness before it’s diagnosed. The era, before it’s been given a title.And something changes when the name is given. Stories of that transformation … between what it is now, and what it was before it had a name.

In 1946, a man named David Boder started to investigate the Holocaust before it was known as the Holocaust. He dragged a primitive recording device around Europe and gathered the first recorded testimonials of concentration camp survivors. But his research was largely ignored, and his recordings forgotten for decades. The tapes are broadcast for the first time nationally on tonight’s show. Carl Marziali tells the story. (22 minutes). Listen to Boder’s recordings, or read transcripts, at their official home on the web.

Listen here:  http://www.thisamericanlife.org/radio-archives/episode/197/Before-It-Had-A-Name?bypass=true

2. Episode 364 of TAL: “Going Big” –  Stories about people who take grand, sweeping approaches to solving problems of all sorts.”

Listen to the intro and act 1 of “Going Big” about Harlem Children’s Zone….amazing.  tears.  happy tears.

Listen here: http://www.thisamericanlife.org/radio-archives/episode/364/Going-Big

3. “This American Life” topic: A little bit of knowledge

Such a good one here.  I  re-tell this one all the time.  it’s funny.  I especially like the part about the “Xing”.

Listen here: http://www.thisamericanlife.org/radio-archives/episode/293/A-Little-Bit-of-Knowledge?bypass=true

4. “Unconditional Love” TAL“Stories of unconditional love between parents and children, and how hard love can be sometimes in daily practice.”

Listen here: http://www.thisamericanlife.org/radio-archives/episode/317/Unconditional-Love

If you listen to this episode of “TAL” entitled “Unconditional Love”, you WILL cry, for many and varied reasons.  It is heartbreaking and heart healing and just rich.  It’s a little exhausting but it’s amazing.

Now, these are largely tear-jerkers but I promise to build the list to include absurdity and awkwardness-inducing stories as well.  Trust me.

Listen. Laugh. Cry. Enjoy. Report Back to me.


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  1. MattJ

    Love Ira Glass, but hate all the extra idling… I always end up idling in my driveway, totally enthralled by the program.

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