Buy, return, repeat.

Today I was driving home from some errands after work and it occurred to me how truly recession-chic I am, and I just HAD to share my secret with you.

See, it’s quite simple really.  It starts with a good, old-fashioned impulse buy – you know, something you probably don’t need but might could use/wear/gift/etc.

tempting, I know.

tempting, I know.

It has lots of potential as well as a bit of risk.  Maybe it’s a purse that doesn’t actually match anything you own, or a top that you didn’t try on or have anything to match. These items are often from Target and are priced somewhere in the $15-35 range.

Now, once you’ve identified your item, you buy. Yes, the first step to real recession-chicness is buying -(bear with me here).  Go ahead, make the purchase.

Here comes the real genius.  Take it home, put it in a spare room, closet, or on the kitchen table – you might even leave it in the trunk, while you take in your actual staple items.

Let 10-25 days pass.  Walk by your item, consider its potential, but keep considering.

And here it is – the key to paying yourself first in the most instantly-gratifying way I have found yet – RETURN IT!  Come to your senses, realize you have no use for that ridiculous trinket, and hustle on back to the store where you found it.

I just love returning things – it’s such a quick way to ‘make’ $20 to go back into your pocket and sit tight until your next pedicure.  It’s as simple as not wearing/using your item, and holding on to your receipt (preferably in the bottom of  your colossal purse).

The proof is in the pudding – Yesterday, I made $17 at Target, and tomorrow I’ll be heading to the mall to make some real money.


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