Have ipod, will travel

My brother and sister-in-law give GREAT gifts, and a few gift-giving holidays ago (I can turn most days into one), they gave me an ipod adapter for my car.  For commuting and long trips (not that I am willing to drive more than 3-ish hours), this thing has been a lifesaver.  For your listening pleasure – here’s what I’ve been listening to on the road.

I am not the music junkie that my brother is, so while I have a decent music library, the true treasures on my ipod are in the form of podcasts.  I’ve been listening to This American Life for about 3 years since a friend in Charlottesville introduced me to the joys of those human interest stories.  However left-of-my-center the stories can be at times, I think it’s important to learn the complexities of any issue, and the sentimental value of the less-polarizing segments are well worth a bit of light rhetoric.  I usually cry and then tell someone I love all the high points of the episode and then make them listen to it with me.

In short, I’ve found that listening to the right podcast can really improve your quality of life.  I recently discovered a shorter podcast I really love – and the perspective is really valuable.  World magazine’s podcasts by Andree Seu are honest, dry, poignant, convicting, and calming at the same time.  What a joy on the way to work!

I also like NPR’s story of the day…quick, painless, and they say it’s “the NPR story everyone will be talking about tomorrow”, so you get to sound in-the-know (if you listen to them on time, which I don’t).


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  1. jeremy

    wow – i feel slightly famous now. seriously, nothing makes you sound smart like listening to npr – a trick i learned a few years ago! remind me to show you my new ipod adapter in my mini – it’s awesome.

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