Equating Alcohol Consumption with Abortion? Way to elevate the discourse…

I think you should read this excerpt (well, you should actually read the entire article), from Op-Ed Columnist Frank Rich, entitled “The Culture Warriors Get Laid Off”- NYTimes.com.

Much as Obama repealed the Bush restrictions on abortion and stem-cell research shortly after pushing through his stimulus package, so F.D.R. jump-started the repeal of Prohibition by asking Congress to legalize beer and wine just days after his March 1933 inauguration and declaration of a bank holiday. As Michael A. Lerner writes in his fascinating 2007 book “Dry Manhattan,” Roosevelt’s stance reassured many Americans that they would have a president “who not only cared about their economic well-being” but who also understood their desire to be liberated from “the intrusion of the state into their private lives.” Having lost plenty in the Depression, the public did not want to surrender any more freedoms to the noisy minority that had shut down the nation’s saloons.

I found this article to be absurd, ridiculous, frightening, insulting, and more.  I need to think through it a bit more before I really dive in, and I invite your thoughts in the meantime.

Note:  I don’t know how to remove the automatically generated links below, but they are not from me 🙂

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