Dallas giveaway: TIN STAR

I am beginning to realize that a benchmark for any blog worthy of it’s quips is the giveaway.

Some people give away really glamorous things with designer labels, while others are plotting to get rid of a spouse’s tacky trinkets.  Today, I bring you a giveaway you will not find elsewhere.


This will change your life.

All you have to do is click on the link below to find a magical coupon for HALF PRICE NACHOS at Tin Star in Preston Center.

Magical Coupon

And, join our facebook group to receive additional coupons and other special perks.  You will not be disappointed – or my name is not Marsha Garbage.



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2 responses to “Dallas giveaway: TIN STAR

  1. jeremy

    how do you have time for this AND facebook!?! well, one more way to keep up with you. glad to see you blogging again. i’ve added it to my ‘google reader’ (which i highly recommend if you don’t use)

  2. Do you own stock in tin star or something? Love that place by the way.

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