Pinching Pennies at the Garbage household.

A few months ago, I saw a short and very cheesy tv news story (probably 9 o’clock news which reinforces the low caliber),  on Ebates – a website that basically compiles all the existing coupons or special offers from major online shopping sites, plus gives you cash back for shopping through their portal.

I am not sharing this with you simply because they told me to or because I look forward to reaping all the benefits in kickbacks I will get when they find that their traffic and membership is growing exponentially thanks to a gal named Marsha Garbage and all four of her blog posts (which likely outnumber her monthly visitors).  I am telling you because I used it one time to buy a book at Borders online, and then I got a Sephora gift card in the mail and I love looking in my wallet and seeing that thing just waiting to buy me more beauty.

And now I have $4.67 coming my way soon because I bought a magazine subscription for a friend!

Trust me. Or don’t.  But do.


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